Due to synergies achieved with the University of Lecce and with suppliers, the IMMEDIATELOAD Research and Development team has developed the BioStem System, an innovative process to support the host during the postoperative period and aimed at improving the osteointegration process.
First in the world in safety, simplicity, and speed of application, the effective results of the BioStem System are based on using the patient’s autologous growth factors. By using a special kit to take a blood sample from the patient half an hour before the operation, valuable components can be obtained that once introduced into the sterile blister of the Universe implant, are absorbed by the implant surface.
With a surface now coated with an organic autologous substance, the implant is put in place and facilitates the healing process without extraneous aids to the host. The resulting lower bone stress results in reduced healing times and a considerably reduced risk of rejection. (Bibliography, Rif. 4)
The Universe implant can also be used without the application of growth factors.