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Even the decontamination process used for IML implants was developed in collaboration with the Research and Development team of our prestigious Italian universities
This is a two-stage process, the second stage being composed of passing the implants through a plasma reactor. The “PLASMA REACTOR” project aimed to build a machine with suitable characteristics for treating dental implants and to define the optimal operating procedure and was conducted in close co-operation with the Department of Applied Science and Technology of the Polytechnic University of Turin and the Department of Surgical Sciences at the University of Turin’s CIR Dental School.
Phase 1
• Objective: inorganic waste removal, mechanical machining, and surface treatments leave residues such as carbon and aluminium, universally considered possible causes of implants failing to osteointegrate;
• Procedure: liquid solution treatment;
Phase 2
• Objective: organic contamination removal, such as removal of pro-inflammatory agents;
• Procedure: treatment using gas cleaning agents applied via an electro-chemical process performed in the plasma reactor.