The biomechanical principles of the Universe system have been applied to the POWER and POWER OM implants in order to offer the implant surgeon a greater chance of solving implant-prosthetic problems by using a monophase technique.
The POWER and POWER OM implants are made of top quality grade 4 titanium for medical use exclusively imported from the United States and guaranteed free of manufacturing defects.
• Root-shaped body: fast, safe and minimally invasive insertion
• Self-tapping screw tip
• Double alternate spur and square spiral: bio-functional load distribution
• SL surface treatment: basic conditions for fast and complete osteointegration
• Monoblock: absence of bacterial infiltration inside the system
The perfect solution for:
• Any bone density;
• Post extraction;
• System with abutment tilt lower than 30°;
• Electric-welded implantology with immediate loading.