“Quality is never casual: It is always the result of intelligent effort”

Control of quality or quality control? A play on words, useful in explaining that checking is not enough for IML.
Control in IML is synonymous with uncompromising elimination of all those components that show the slightest imperfection even if only aesthetic.
It means to make a commitment to selling only very specific components in order to be “as precise as the Swiss”.
It means to fully take on the cost of this commitment that IML pursues and proudly maintains, respecting its ethic, the patients’ health and the surgeon’s professionalism.
  • Identification of critical points of each component;
  • Drafting documents with a list of the critical points specific to each individual component indicating the sequence of checks to be carried out;
  • In the various manufacturing phases, over 30 checks are performed on 100% of the manufactured components:
    •  Dimensional controls;
    •  Removal of burrs and dross;
    •  Functional tests to remove non-perfect components are performed on 100% of the components;
  • The operator signs off each check to certify that he or she accepts responsibility for the checks made;
  • Regular laboratory analyses check conformity of implant surfaces: XPS, PCR.