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The design of the STARFLY implant guarantees high performance in conditions of low bone density.
The insertion of the implant is particularly simple in medium and soft bone (D2/D4) and in post-extraction cases, with a reduced osteotomy and guaranteeing excellent primary stability in any case. In fact, in D3/D4 type bone, the drilling depth can be even lower than the implant length, since the Starfly implant is capable of “making its way” into the bone, up to completely submerge the SL treated part and the polished neck 1,5 mm h.
In case of positioning of the implant in D1 dense bone, the osteotomy must correspond to the implant length and the alveolus must be appropriately prepared by the specific countersink.
The rounded tip facilitates the centering of the implant hole and reduces the lesions risk to anatomical structures, such as mandibular nerve, maxillary sinus and blood vessels.
Below, an example of surgical protocol for the preparation of an implant site in dense bone.
Best performance in the cases:
• low bone density;
• post extraction;
• delayed loading;
• immediate loading.