The biphasic UNIVERSE dental implant was designed to satisfy the differing needs of implant-prosthetic rehabilitation from both the point of view of function and that of  esthetic appearance.
Universe, with its particular conical shape, offers significant benefits for a wide spectrum of clinical applications always providing good aesthetic results.
The implant features a highly innovative and ergonomic thread design.
This special morphology, due to the combination to the spiral squared and spiral buttress threads, is able to increase the implant surface by 20% compared to a the same implant without buttress threads providing a greater and more uniform area of contact between bone and implant speeding up the osteointegration process.
The alternate buttress and square double spiral loop generates a perfect balance between intrusive, compressive, and diverging forces capable of providing the bone ith exceptional growth stimuli. The strong threads are designed for the added compression and surface area required in soft bone placement in order to fill void spaces round the threads by ensuring an immediate primary stability.
Indeed, Universe, shows exceptional self-drilling properties which facilitate the implant placement and the direction in D1 and D2 bone types.
The implants are made of top quality grade 4 titanium for medical use exclusively imported from the United States and guaranteed free from manufacturing defects.
Best performance in the cases:
• any bone density
• post extraction
• delayed loading
• immediate loading